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why dont more people read morning glories? i am at a loss, really. it has

  • teenagers
  • intrigue
  • romance
  • tons of poc characters
  • a hot interracial gay couple that totally do it
  • mindfucks
  • heartbreaks
  • strong female characters
  • a woobified nice guy nerd that is actually not annoying
  • an awesomely bitchy diva
  • an asshole with a heart of more asshole
  • a psychotically friendly roommate
  • well crafted mystery that plants the seeds waaaay ahead of time, rewarding multiple reads and should be inspiring like 1000000 meta and analysis posts
  • ghosts??? what are those things???
  • more mindfucks like really what is happening WHAT

READ IT OK. i need smarter people to tell me what is happening